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With one of the five people I love most

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Excuse Me: Femme Style by Tiana


Reasons to love Jung Daehyun: His love for food.

if namjoon was your boyfriend | inspiration

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yongguk being dumb and cute while playing charades (・∀・ )

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~Jonguppie~ >3< 

» Q:You are famous for your interest in animes. If you get a chance to meet a character in real life, who would it be? /// Jongup: i would choose Poketmonster’s snorlax. His stomach looks very comfortable so i want to sleep on it. It will be really comfortable and i’ll have a nice dream.«

[!] B.A.P’s JAPAN 1st ALBUM『Best. Absolute. Perfect』to be released on November 19th!

Album will include both new songs (content still unknown) and their previous title Japanese Singles’ tracks: "WARRIOR", ONE SHOT", "NO MERCY" & "EXCUSE ME"

There will be 3 types:

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